Build a Spirit Brand

Build a spirit brandWelcome to the exciting world of Distilling Spirits!   You’ve chosen a business that does great when the economy is doing great, and luckily does amazing when the economy is at its worse.  So there is always money to be made in this business, and things are always getting better.  In Florida alone there are over twenty-thousand establishments that serve distilled spirits on a daily basis.  For a Spirit Brand that is great news, the Florida market alone is over 9.2 Billion per year.  Spirits can be distributed anywhere in the world, choose your Market.

Thank you again for your interest in our Private Label Spirit Brand services. We look forward to discussing your project in more detail. Most new Brands have many questions, so we’ve built the below tips /checklist to help you get started.

We try to make our process as simple as possible for all Brands. Although it might seem difficult right now, we’ve built over 300+ brands in 10 years. So we recommend following our process for the best results.

Our first steps are to invite you out to our Distillery so you can try a similar product to the one you would like to create. We call it the try before you buy period where we get to meet you, and you get to meet us to see if we’re all a good fit and we have the same goals.

If we’re a good fit the next step is to start the registration process of your Brand. This includes your Formula, Labels & Brand name.  We also start the formulation process of your product.  This entire process takes about 60 days total to complete.

Once these items are completed, we start creating 12 sample bottles that you can use for tasting, distribution and preparation for production. We recommend taking the samples and starting the process of getting a distributor. In many States we’ll also help you get a distributor, and we believe that the more bottles you sell the more we sell as well.

Startup pricing is $7500 down and $7500 (15k total) once all your Federal & State registrations are completed. No production (bottling) is included in this price. If your startup fee is paid in full, we offer a 10% discount (liquid and bottling fee’s) on all future bottling order fee’s.

Please note that we require all brands to complete at least 1 order per year. Federal & State registrations are updated and completed yearly. If a brand isn’t producing yearly, your registrations will expire with us.

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build a spirit brand