Build a Spirit Brand

Build a spirit brandWelcome to the exciting world of Distilling Spirits!   You’ve chosen a business that does great when the economy is doing great, and luckily does amazing when the economy is at its worse.  So there is always money to be made in this business, and things are always getting better.  In Florida alone there are over twenty-thousand establishments that serve distilled spirits on a daily basis.  For a Spirit Brand that is great news, the Florida market alone is over 9.2 Billion per year.  Spirits can be distributed anywhere in the world, choose your Market.

The biggest question we get  “How does your program work?” Below is a complete list of our Process and what needs to be completed.

Step 1. You call us at 855-POT-MASH and discuss what you would like to create. We give you a price to complete with a timeline.

Step 2. You complete the required paperwork and submit payment so we can start filing and registering your new Brand.

Step 3. Time for the exciting part, we start creating your samples and ship them to you directly, or you can come in to try them.

Step 4. After the first 3-4 weeks, your Brand is now registered with the Federal Government (TTB) and tasting should be completed.

Step 5. We now file your Formula (Recipe) and Label with the TTB. This process takes around 20-40 days depending on backlog with TTB.

Step 6. 12 Sample Bottles are included in our Packages, these sample bottles are used to go out and get Distribution.

Step 7. Once you have Distribution completed, we file submissions in the States you want to Distribute. Your now ready to Market your Products and start selling.

Items you’ll have to complete during and after we finish the Startup Package:

  • Label Design & Label Printing
  • Wholesaler License
  • Ordering Supplies (custom decorations for Bottles or Boxes)
  • Marketing & Sales

Ready..Set..Go! To Get Started Click Here

build a spirit brand