Local Licensing

When you start a new brand or private label, the brand will require local registration for where you plan to sell. This is typically covered by your distributor, but we can also complete this for you,  and if you plan to help market the brand, you’ll need to get a “Salesperson of Spirits” or solicitors license through the distributor for your local area. A new brand doesn’t require a wholesalers license, but you’ll want to pay the local licensing fee to get registered and legal. Typical fee’s are between twenty five to one hundred dollars, in Florida the price is fifty dollars per salesperson.

A few of the links are listed below, if you don’t see your state just do a search for “salesperson of alcohol” and your state to find the local documents. If you still have problems finding the information, let us know.

Florida License Link        New York License Link      California License Link

Ohio License Link

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