Our Investment Model

Corn Whiskey or Rum + Barrel Investment = $610

30% Profit at 12 Months = $183

You Receive a Check for $793 and we resell the Whiskey

We’re proud to be innovators in our space, and we’re really proud of our new program designed around aged products. Our new program termed “Laydown” is geared towards individuals who’re looking to create aged products for the long term, and might not want to bottle it, but perhaps sell it themselves – Confused yet? 

In the Big World the Liquor Giants buy & sell Products all the time. Perhaps they need a 4 yr. Whiskey, or a 12 yr. Rum, this is known as Bond to Bond transfers, or Transfer in Bond. This allows products to be bought, sold & traded without incurring the Tax liability until the product is bottled.  

So what’re we offering, and what’re we doing? We’re bringing the big game to the little guys, so we can all have aged products, and build something great!  You now have the option to start Barrel Aging products at a nice discount, and then reap the rewards later. So let’s say you want to start Barrel Aging Rum, you purchase the Rum at a discount, we produce it, and fill your Barrels. Your Barrels will sit in our facility for a minimum of 12 months. After 12 months you can request a check, start a new Brand or continue to let the product age.