Restaurant Spirits

Build a Distilled Spirit Brand for your Restaurant!

In the restaurant business, separating yourself from the competition is critical.  For most restaurants, carrying the big name brands is a simple task.  But if your looking to provide an amazing meal each time, pairing your entree’s with a spirit or cordial can be the difference between a packed Friday night, and a slow one.  Imagine a prime beef tenderloin with a freshly aged whiskey that is single barrel.  The flavors and tastings can be amazing, especially when its your brand.  This also allows you complete rights on where to sell and distribute.

Citrus Distillers will work with you to design and distill an amazing Spirit for your restaurant spirits.  We provide complete labeling design, based on your ideas.  You get naming and licensing rights to distribute in any state.  Once the products are bottled, host private or public events to educate your clients on your products, and why there special to your business.

Spirit Distillery Tastings – Host a guest event, and be the talk around town.  Call us at 855-POT-MASH

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