Distillery Tours

Ever wonder how Vodka, Rum, Whiskey or Gin is made?  Come visit our distillery and see how Citrus Distillers creates local and national spirits brands.  Please call us for reservations at 855-POT-MASH or click here to schedule a time at our distillery.  You can also purchase a bottle at our distillery after you try our spirit samples.

What were distilling right now:

Sweet Citrus Rum:  Sugar Cane & Molasses based Rum blended with Orange & Molasses to create the perfect refreshing cocktail.  Our Sweet Citrus Rum is distilled at 180 Proof, blended with fresh pressed oranges, sugar cane & molasses. Bottled at 80 Proof.    $25 Per Bottle

Vodka:  Fresh Sweet Corn mashed and fermented with all natural Champagne Yeast. 6x Distilled Vodka blended with RO water with less than 10 ppm and bottled at 80 Proof.   $30 Per Bottle



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