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Gin Distillery

Design your own Gin that smells like class and sophistication.  Build a botanical based profile that your fans will shout your praises nightly! E.B. White called the Gin Martini the “Elixir of Quietude.” It’s the drink of class, relaxation & Sophistication.

Citrus Distillers has a special Pot Still designed for Gin Production, this specially designed still will produce a sophisticated Gin profile within minutes of distillation. A positive pressure Still Head will allow unique flavors within your ingredient profile to quickly blossom into the Spirit.

Our process will take your new brand from start to finish, we create your product based on our expertise and your ideas. We register the brand with the Government (TTB), includes formula & Label also. We Manufacture your product which includes the Ferment, Distillation, Flavoring, Filtering and Aging. We label, fill & seal your Bottles.  Every Start-up Brand includes Sample bottles so you can go out and start Marketing your product with Distributors, Restaurants & Retail Clients. Taxes will be paid based on State & Federal requirements based on the quantity of Samples. We typically recommend 4-6 Sample Bottles, any leftover products can be applied to your first order.

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Popular Gin drinks: 1.Martini, 2. Gin and Tonic, 3. Ginlet, 4. Tom Collins, 5. Long Island Iced tea, 6. Hair of the Dog, 7. Champagne Fizz, 8. Singapore Sling, 9. Sloe Gin Fizz, 10. Alabama Slammer.

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